Farm History

Bird's Eye Cove Farm History

Settled in the 1860’s Birds eye cove farm is believed to be one of the oldest working farm in the region. The original farm founder, William Chisholm was a solid contributing member to society and growth of the local Cowichan Valley community. He was a founding member of the Cowichan Agricultural Society, a dedicated local politician, a family man and a farmer. Today, the Skoretz family, who have been the stewards of the land for over 30 years are proudly continuing the farming and community tradition laid out by the farm founder.

The farm today continues to practice mindful agricultural without the use of pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones. All live stock raised on the farm is done so naturally and humanely, appreciating that through it may take longer and require more work, the value of doing so is substantially returned in so many ways: cleaner and healthier food products, food that is rich in taste, food that is what it was grown to be.

In 2012, construction was completed on “The Barn”; a traditional hand cut timber frame barn which houses the farm kitchen and multi-purpose space. This addition is a step in establishing a sustainable income for the farm. The barn offers a place for community to gather, celebration to occur and where people come to learn. The mandate of ‘the barn’ is to support agricultural and in particular that of Birds Eye Farm and the Cowichan Valley.

We are a unique farm and passionate about what we do, how we do it and believe that our efforts today will benefit not only ourselves but our future generations and agriculture as a whole. All of us who are involved with the farm today are committed to the further development of sustainable agriculture in a way that is both kind and respectful of both the land and the live stock. We hope that what was started when the Skoretz family took over the farm and what today we strive to maintain, lives on through future generations. Thank you for your continued support of the farm and our vision to connect people, food and agriculture.pic1