Farm Story

Bird’s Eye Cove Farm – a Heritage Farm on Vancouver Island

Bird’s Eye Cove has always been a place of serenity and safety. Protected from the open waters of the Pacific it has long been a spot to escape the otherwise unforgiving storms. Today, Bird’s Eye Cove Farm is 300 acres of rolling green hills, surrounded by gorgeous, lush forest and situated on the beautiful blue waters of Birds Eye Cove in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Continuing the tradition of peace and serenity where the outside world, with its stresses and fury are held at the gates, Bird’s Eye Cove Farm is a family owned working farm which practices kind stewardship of both the animals and land giving all that it touches careful consideration. Growing its own produce, the Farm raises Scottish Highland

Cattle, heritage Berkshire pigs and chickens along with assorted other livestock such as seasonal meat birds and sheep. All livestock is raised naturally, grass fed without the use of growth hormones and antibiotics. With scenery that is unique to the serene west coast of Canada, Bird’s Eye Cove Farm is a sustainable, community oriented location that effortlessly draws people to seek out the warmth and caring of the people on the farm; as well as utilizing the gorgeous landscape for numerous events like re-invigorating corporate retreats, long board meetings, life events; or the perfect setting to fulfill your dream wedding.10488157_642968512465811_5396963047359535244_n

• We believe that hard work makes things happen

• That we are the stewards of the land and the livestock which we raise

• That everything we do and everything we touch deserves care and consideration

• Every individual is unique

• Food needs to be authentic in taste and origin

• Passion is the motivator

Bird’s Eye Cove Farm also schedules many exciting farm hosted events on a regular basis; we have an ongoing and evolving calendar with culinary learning events, pig roasts and long table dinners. We host delicious wood fire pizza nights, and a few family events. Check out our Events Pages on our website or contact us by email or phone at 250-748-6379 for more information!